Turbo Chargers
The turbochargers (turbine forced induction device) from One Off Custom Designs increase what riders want most from their bikes; power.  The turbocharger works by forcing more compressed air (than what your engine naturally aspirates) into the combustion chamber.  This pushes more fuel into the mix, which means more power.
Each turbo from MB is unique in that it is custom made.  This means that when you power up with a turbo from OCD, your one-of-a-kind charger will increase the output by 70 to 80%.  Challenge accepted?  Challenge met for carbureted  engines and injected.

Super Chargers
Superchargers work by driving compressed air into the mixture, increasing the density of the air supplied to the engine.  The intake receives more (denser) oxygen which causes the engine to burn more fuel, work harder, and output exactly what you want; more power, captain

Nitrous Oxide
Seeing use as far back as WWII, nitrous oxide injection systems were first used to help power aircraft engines.  These systems, which burn decomposed N2O, rather than air, increase your engine’s power substantially.  This higher-than-normal burn rate can either be “wet” (a fuel and nitrous mix) or “dry” where the nitrous is injected separately from the fuel.